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Latest News and Positions Vacant
This is what Devonport Electrical Service have been doing.


DES's commercial system in Ulverstone has just completed a 12 month cycle and its performance is now our best performing system in Tasmania
It has completed the year with 46510 kWh generated from a 30 kW system
that equates to 4.25 kWh per kW installed (most systems perform between 3.5 and 3.9kWh per kW installed. 
this customer has used onsite 41248 kWh saving thousands of $$$
they only exported 5262 kWh this gives them a 89% self consumption rate (the higher the rate the bigger the savings)

To work your solar systems performance out to compare:
total annual kWh generated divided by 365 then divided by your system size (panel size NOT inverter size) 
eg. if you have a 4 kW system (16 x 250w panels)

5500 kWh generated / 365 =  15.06 kWh per day then / 4 = 3.76 kWh per kW installed

DO NOT divide it by the inverter size as this is NOT your system size (if you have 3kW of panels attached to a 5kW inverter you only have a 3kW system not a 5kW system as the system will only ever generate up to 3kW

DES has completed a huge 29.9kW micro inverter solar system on the Bass Strait Maritime Centre in Devonport.
Some of the main reasons they went with Micro inverters were:
Safety - low voltage DC less than 40VDC
future expansion at any stage
full monitoring 
controllable so panels can be switched off at any stage - by per panel
you can see the pictures in the image gallery

We are off to Agfest 2016
Come and see us at site 715 for all your grid and off grid solar solutions
We will also have an Enphase AC battery there to see which is release nationally around July


A happy customer emailed in - Thanks Dave for the positive feedback

Just a quick note to express the high level of service provided by your company in completing some minor electrical repairs at our home.
Special compliments to Chris for the skill and speed of his work

We have just launched our new website and are still very busy building it up
Over the next few weeks we will update every page so that our website will be a one stop page
for all the information on solar and electrical services we provide

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