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Enphase AC battery

Enphase AC Batteries are here
Our Enphase solar systems are online and monitored - both generation and consumption. With the new single TOU tariff now available in Tasmania (T93) the Enphase AC battery will be able to reduce your peak demand twice a day for over 10 years!
The Enphase AC battery is stackable and sized to your needs, This customer below uses 1.5kWh in the morning peak time and 5.8kWh in the evening peak time (winter). The AC battery can charge from your solar through the day and discharge during the peak evening time then recharge again through the night offpeak time and discharge again in the morning peak time. If this system is correctly sized potentially this customer can get 24 hours at the offpeak rate (14.57c/kWh) even less with the solar during the day.
Its the middle of winter and this enphase solar system still started at 8am and turned off at 4:45pm. During summer the ranges are from about 5:45 am to 9:15pm with this window of generation it includes the peak periods! so even less batteries needed! 

Most homes based on what we have already installed of the AC batteries will require 4 batteries to cover the entire night time loads. But you can start with 1 and add more as you choose.

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