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Portable and caravan solar

DES Electrical Contractors offers many options for your Caravan, Motor home, car, shack, boat, yacht - anything really! for solar

Shack and permanent building off grid solar systems ARE eligible for the STC rebate from the federal government if designed and 
installed by a SPS accredited installer - which we are, Please see our solar off gird page for further details. (certain rules have to be applied though)

We design any system be it a 12v system 24v, 48v DC and 240v AC for your needs
We also do caravan inspections for registration.

If your solar system is designed properly the first time you should not "run" out of power ever regardless of where you are in Australia.
We see often people who start with a "internet special" only to find they run out of power after 3 days then to "upgrade " their system
 (basically installing an totally separate system) costing way more than doing it properly in the first place.

Rule of thumb:
Size of battery = Max ah taken each day  x days of no charge then doubled (if lead acid less if lithium) 
Size of solar = generated ah to replace taken ah before 3pm the following day 

this will ensure that you will never run out of charge

Some typical loads in caravans etc are:
12v Waeco or Engel fridge - 4-6 amps or up to 25-35 ah a day
led lighting - up to 5 ah a day
TV 4-5 amps up to 16-20 ah a day

we calculate your load for you but we do ask exactly what you have now and what you want to get in years time to calculate your future load as well.

The equipment we use is tailored to each job

we now even have a ALL in one system that turns your caravan into a 240v AC van all the time regardless if your plugged in or not 

some of the gear we use are:
Victron Energy MPPT regulators
Steca Regulators
Solawatt panels
Suntech Panels
Full River Batteries
Victron batteries including lithium
Exide deep cycle batteries
Schneider solar chargers
Latronics inverters and Victron inverters
portable folding Solawatt panels

We also have access to the entire Waeco/Dometic range to order

All panels are "glued" to your roof of your van etc not screwed so there is no penetration of the roof skin - less leaks!, We use special mounting blocks.

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