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Stion CIGS solar panels

DES offers the Stion 140w solar panel
these panels are a high voltage panel and when coupled to a MPPT regulator they perform very well

The unique cell architecture leads to higher kWh generation in shade conditions allowing denser deployment. Shading 50% of a Stion module leads to a 50% reduction in power output compared to a 98% output reduction for typical crystalline silicon modules.

They do require a MPPT 100/15 Victron Energy regulator 
Unfortunately most other brand of regulators can't handle the 78.8 v DC panel output

Size is perfect for caravans and shacks
1656 mm long   656 mm wide so generally they fit between the Air con of a van and the side
at full output these will produce 11.5 amps of power from the Victron Regulator (40 ah per day in Tasmania)
Not bad from a panel that only has a 2.34 amp rating!

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