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Solar Grid connect

DES Electrical Contractors has been designing and installing Grid Connected solar systems for 11 years now and we have a vast experience with many panels manufactures and inverter manufactures. From this experience we tend now to only steer to the quality panels and gear leaving the cheaper poor quality systems to the others. We have install systems from 1kW to 30kW 

We visit your house or business and provide a free no obligation quote for your solar system.

DES offers a wide range of grid connect solar systems.
There are 3 basic types of grid connect solar systems available in today's market          
      1. a DC single inverter "old style" solar system.
      2. a DC "optimized" single inverter solar system.
      3. a MICRO inverter AC multiple inverter "new style" solar system

A DC single inverter system (1.) is where you have all the solar panels on the roof connected in series the going to a single DC inverter to inverter the high voltage (150-600 VDC) power to AC power.
This system unfortunately has some flaws - they use DC isolators (Can be a fail point in moisture gets into the isolator causing fires), high voltage DC power and if you shade 1 panel its pulls all the panels in that array down. They can also only be installed in most cases 2 orientations or 2 pitches (if your inverter has 2 MPPT tracking points) Although this is the cheapest type of system you can get.

A DC optimized system (2.) uses same as the above example except each panel has its own controller which removes the shade 1 shade all principle. They still use the DC isolators and still have a single DC inverter on the wall. While the system still runs on high voltage DC power if a DC optimizer fails or a panel fails the remaining optimizers will reduce the array voltage to very low levels. (sometimes switching the main inverter off as the minimum voltage has not occurred. This is a medium priced system.

A micro inverter AC system (3.) is totally different to the 2 above examples. They have a micro inverter attached to each panel on the roof, NO single inverter on the wall. Each panel is 1 complete solar system so if you have 20 panels you have 20 independent systems. One panel will not affect any other panel in the system (so shade 1 panel it only reduces that panel only, if a micro or a panel fails it will only turn off that 1 panel - not the rest) Its safe low voltage DC power on the roof (max 37 VDC) and 240v AC power on the roof which is protected by a circuit breaker in your switchboard. These system have the ability to have multiple AC power feeds back to your switchboard (rather than 1 only on the above systems) therefore it can be connected to both power tariffs in your home (light & power and Hot water/hydro heat) where the DC solar system can only be connected to 1 tariff only. These systems also have power generation and consumption monitoring included (so you can actually see how much power you are using at anytime). This system cost is higher that the other 2 examples.

ALL 3 options can be connected to the Enphase battery once its released - the AC micro system is 100% ready now for the batteries.

We recommend and use only quality equipment for all solar systems
We do not currently offer the DC optimized system - but are more than happy to quote it!

We use Enphase Micro inverters, SMA DC inverters and Victron Energy inverters all coupled to Suntech Solar panels and soon to be using the Enphase AC battery once released.
All this gear comes with a parts and labour warranty (cheaper systems only have parts only warranties)

As we are NOT branded or aligned to any particular supplier or manufacturer we are more than happy to free quote any equipment you choose.

We regularly review new products on the market and fully test these products before we offer them to customers. We like to stay up to date with changing technologies

We do offer budget solar systems using cheaper gear only as a comparison.

DES also passes the FULL STC rebate (Small scale technology certificates) from the federal government to the purchaser - no gimmicks, no "add a sign" discounts, no sales pitches and is available for both grid connected and off grid or stand alone solar systems.

The STC rebate is based on the output from your solar panels and is calculated differently for each state, however the rebate is the same regardless of the seller or company - any increase to the rebate quoted above the actual amount from the clean energy regulator is a "discount" on the system offered by the installing company NOT a rebate! don't be fooled !

for more information and calculation on how many certificates you are entitled to please go to

each certificate is valued at a set rate on the day on claiming it and may vary

To book a free in house or business quote please call our office on 03 6424 9002 or email to admin@devonportelectrical.com. 

Some examples of our Enphase monitoring

The blue line is solar generation and the orange line is consumption amount
the squiggly orange part is the fridge cycling on and off. From this report we can calculate how much power this customer uses overnight so we can size the correct amount of batteries they will need.

Here you can see how the Micro inverter system is at work 
each panel is its own system. There are 20 systems here and as the shading affects 1 panel the others are not affected. this is only 15 days of generation and if this were a DC system all the panels would be at the lowest level (16.0 kWh) the difference is just lost! and that's a lot of lost power.   This is why Enphase micro inverters produce upto 20% more power then the same size DC string inverter systems.


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